It all started when…

February of 2017 was when Blueprnt Apparel Company was created in the Inland Empire. The name was picked due to the motive we had behind our brand, more than just a regular name. We wanted to make sure we got the chance to give back the best way we can. Growing up in a household with minimum support only towards education was hard because your dreams of becoming an athlete or a musician were cut short due to the lack of support. In life we need a supportive system to help push you when you give up, pick you back up when you fall and that is where BLUEPRNT will be the support you need. Blueprnt Apparel Company is more than a brand, it’s a movement. The first to bring a unique style with a message behind every design. Blueprnt is where dreams, motivation, and inspiration meets fashion. With so many brands already out there and so many more coming up, we offer more than an apparel. We want to inspire individuals to never give up on their dream. Blueprnt will be more than a brand, it will be a supporting family that will help and guide individuals to reach their goal. We are pushing to influence kids and adults to never give up, all it takes is to believe in your dream.